Door Darting

January 26, 2015 on 1:54 pm | In Door Darting | 1 Comment

Over the last few days, I have been consulted with on cases involving door darting. In one instance, the dog snuck out of the front door and disappeared (and was later safely returned) and in the other instance, the dog bolted through the door and bit someone in front of the house.

Both dogs were under socialized and had little impulse control at the door.

Teaching the dogs to wait at the door may have helped in the prevention of these incidents. We do our best to socialize our dogs on a continuous basis, and we usually train our dogs to wait at the front door. They are required to sit and wait until we invite them to go through the door. We also cover waiting at the door in our basic obedience classes.

I’m interested in finding out how do you handle these types of situations?

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  1. Heike, I have an unusual situation because I sometimes use a cane and I have therefore trained my dog to go out the door or down the steps ahead of me to minimize the risk of becoming tangled in her leash. When she is off leash, I set up the situation to avoid escape; at home I never use the front door and only enter through the back door/fenced back yard. At someone else’s house I monitor their doors and if I see someone approaching I call her to me and inform the person nearest the door to block the door just in case. My dog HAS darted out at the petsitters 2 or 3 times because a toddler was holding the door open and thought it was funny/no big deal to let a dog out. I have to do some complex maneuvering at home: I cannot leave my dog in the back yard, latch the gate and walk around to the front of the house to get the mail: Little Miss Separation Anxiety will panic and begin headbutting the gate to pop the latch open and follow me. So overall, I just structure the environment to minimize the risk of darting.

    Comment by Ruth — January 26, 2015 #

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