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February 1, 2015 on 5:36 pm | In Stimulation | 1 Comment

On a rainy, dreary day like today, we like to use an adventure box as one of the ways to keep our dogs’ minds stimulated and the dogs out of trouble. An adventure box is essentially a card board box filled with wadded up newspaper, toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls. We randomly distribute their dry food in the box and the rolls and add a “prize”. This “prize” is an interactive toy filled with a tasty treat, or peanut butter. Using an adventure box helps in various ways:

  • Dogs get to forage for their food, which is what they would do in their natural environment
  • The dogs are using their brain to find their food, which helps in curbing their level of energy
  • It keeps dogs from inhaling their food
  • It can help timid dogs in building confidence

Here is a short video of Otis working on his adventure box for breakfast this morning. Once he finished getting all of the dry food out, he started working on his “prize”, which took another 10 minutes for him. Using this adventure box turned breakfast from taking less than 1 minute to about 15 minutes. Yes!

I’m curious to find out if any of you are doing something similar.

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  1. Stay with this guys, you’re helipng a lot of people.

    Comment by Maria — December 19, 2015 #

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